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Camp NanoWriMo Winner!

by Erin Craig

After furiously scribbling for thirty-one days, I’m pleased announce I am a Camp NanoWriMo winner!

I began work on my new novel, Of Salt and Starlight, setting my goal at 30,000 words for the month of July. This was my first camp and I no idea how motivating it would be to see that little arrow move closer and closer to its bulls-eye target.  I met some lovely people in my virtual cabin who helped spur me on. It’s so important finding good writer friends who understand the ebbs and flows of creating words and getting your story out.

I also discovered a word counter on Nanowrimo’s full website. I’ll be using that for the month of August– planning on setting my goal at 25,000- let’s get this book finished!

Did you go to Camp this summer? How’d you fare?

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