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Working with a Newborn

by Erin Craig

My sweet little girl turns 15 months old this month. There’s no denying it, we’ve got a toddler!

Today I came across this from an amazing mama writer I follow on twitter:

It got me thinking about all I’ve accomplished since #BabyCraig was born. After 15 years of working as a production stage manager, I went on hiatus, starting my most important of all work– being a mama to my daughter.

I love being a stay-at-home mama. It’s amazing getting to see my daughter’s little face light up every morning when I get her out of the crib. I love story-time snuggles and walks in the park or around the neighborhood. Seeing her nose wrinkle as she belly laughs or hold out her hands to catch raindrops are some of the most favorite memories I will ever have in life.


My husband puts on a suit and tie and goes off every morning to a big, important job and is very respected in his field. Before I left work, I ran the production department for a mid-level opera company. Before that, I freelanced all over the country. I worked with the Rockettes. I went on national tours. Shows I called were reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. I produced grand operas, musicals, summerstock, and tours, always coming in under budget. I like spreadsheets. I love calendars. And color-coordinating. Walking into an office supply store with a company credit card is a giant high for me.

And I worry that she’ll never get to see that side of me. Stage management is not a child-friendly career track. The hours are long. The hours are weird. Jobs often require travel.

But being at home every day has let me flex my creative muscles in an area I’ve always loved but never thought I’d seriously pursue– writing.

Since July 2016, I’ve edited my first book, twice, and started querying agents with it. I wrote a second book, finished the first round of edits and will be ready to send it out in the next month or two. I’ve started research on a third. Three books touched in one year– what life is this?! I’ve built this website. I’ve gotten partial requests, then fulls– and lots of them– and I’m growing more confident, not only in my writing ability, but in seeing myself as something other than just a stay-at-home mom.  My work attire may have gone from little black dresses to cardigans and skinny jeans, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

So I did a little project, wanting to see what it looked like to write a book with a baby. This was my journey:


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