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NanoWriMo: I’m in!

by Erin Craig

November is fast approaching and every writer knows what that means…


The goal of NanoWriMo (short for National Writing Month) is to write 50,000 brand-spanking-new words for a novel during the course of November. I took part in the NanoWriMo Camp in July, clocking in 31,000 words for my novel Of Salt and Starlight, but didn’t expect to be starting my next book, Luddites: A Love Story, already. But as Lin-Manuel Miranda once said

If you’re thinking about an idea in the shower or while you’re walking your dog, and if it still sticks the next day there’s probably something to it.

The idea for this WIP came to me while walking up the small-incline-that-feels-like-a-San-Francisco-street-while-pushing-your-30-pound-toddler-in-her-stroller and it’s not ever really let me go since then.

Every novel needs to start out as a #novelaesthetic, right? So come on, Luddites. Let’s do this!

What about you? Will you be participating in NanoWriMo2017? What’s your story about?

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