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The Cabins are calling and I must go!

by Erin Craig

The air is warming up and the fireflies will soon be out to play! It’s almost camping season– squee!

Last July, I entered my first Camp Nanowrimo– a month long mini-Nano where you set your own word count goals and join a cabin of fellow writers to cheer each other on.

And it. was. awesome!

I wrote the first 35,000 words of what turned into Of Salt and Sorrows and made a couple of word sprinting buddies. More importantly, it really helped me get in the habit of cranking out words every day.

This year, I’ve decided to host a cabin of my own, inviting like-minded friends and friends-of-friends to join The Haunted Pines. (insert spooky cabin in the woods GIF here).

My goal is to write the final 20,000 words of Of Roots and Ruin. Since finishing the last round of edits on OSAS, it’s been harder to get back into drafting mode. My daily word counts haven’t been as high as I’d like them to be and I find myself going back to earlier chapters, wondering if I wandered down the wrong path.

But it’s camp, y’all!

Camp Nano is the perfect chance to get back into my usual groove and knock this novel out! And best of all… when you upload your word count for the day, you get to watch this arrow inch closer and closer to the bulls-eye until you get this adorable little graphic:

So cute, right? I know it’s just a silly little icon, but watching that arrow really helped spur me on!

What project will YOU be working on, happy camper?


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