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by Erin Craig

I stood in line for an hour to vote in the 2016 presidential election, wearing a snoozing #TinyCraig. She woke up just in time to see me cast my ballot, make a happy noise, and then go right back to sleep!


I love escaping to other worlds while reading. Worlds so well built and immersive they make me wonder how I’d fare actually living through the same times and trials as the characters. Would I have the courage to walk alongside Frodo? Could I stand against Big Brother, even knowing what punishments would befall me? Would I be brave enough to join Dumbledore’s Army?

While my voice may never cry out in District 12, I can–and will–use its power here, in the midterm elections this November.

If you’re eighteen or older and an American citizen, I encourage, cheer, and implore you to use your democratic freedom and vote.

Please check out HeadCount, a non-partisan website, here below. It’s chockful of goodies such as election reminders and absentee ballot forms. And if you’re not yet a registered voter, it’ll help you do that too!

Read books.

Think critically.

And use your voice.


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